Services & fees

All our treatments are focused on helping patients reach their personal goals and restore full function.

Using hands on skills and in-depth knowledge, our team will assess, diagnose and treat your injury in order to return you to your pre-injury level of mobility and fitness. We are also committed to educating patients in techniques, postures and exercises to prevent further injuries.

We have special interest in

Back and neck pain
Shoulder injuries
Hip, knee and ankle injuries
General sports injuries
Occupational injuries
Chronic pain management
Balance and vestibular problems
Post-polio syndrome
Lymphoedema management

Services we offer

Gym rehabilitation
Manual therapy
Exercise prescription
Musculoskeletal assessment
Myofascial and soft tissue treatment
Post-operative rehabilitation
Taping, bracing and orthotic advice
ACC Functional Reactivation Programmes
PINC Cancer Rehabilitation


ACC Co-payment Initial Visit $30
ACC Co-payment Follow Up  $25
Initial Private Visit $75
Subsequent Private Visit               $55
Extended Subsequent Private Visit                 $75


Materials incur a small extra cost, please ask at reception